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Use AI extensions across the customer journey to scale your team, drive loyalty and increase your net retention rate.  


Detect challenges in customer expectations and verify commitment to adoption goals.


Validate go-live date probability and track changes in the loyalty of key contacts.  


Identify patterns that create a propensity to buy more based on Empathy Intelligence.


Get advanced notice on the probability and continuity of each and every  renewal.  

Your team can WIN at every stage of the customer Journey

Supercharge your CSM Team With 1:1 AI Coaching

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your Customer Success Team

CompleteCSM’s digital twin gives companies the ability to replicate their top CSMs and provide insights across the entire team.    Prepare your CSM team for any scenario, at any stage. 


Plane Digital Twin

Empathy Tracking is here!

Facial Expressions






Story Telling

Logical Structure

and much more!

Plane Digital Twin

Every Interaction Tells a Story

Ingest online conversations, health scores, usage, tickets and Customer Success tools to create a model of your best customers and CSMs.

Automatically Map the Customer Journey.

Capture conversational commitments that start in pre-sales, and continue alongside customer adoption, expansion and renewals with your team.

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What people are saying about CompleteCSM

I can’t over emphasize how critical EQ is for CSMs, it’s the hardest thing to teach and measure.   CompleteCSM gets real-time sentiment across all the various conversations, and then we are able use that as a coaching mechanism to standardize our detection points.

Kellie Capote

Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight

I was blown away with Complete CSM because our CSMs manage a large business with high ratios.  It is amazing to see  that CompleteCSM can help prep them for a meeting, and analyze it to give them coaching which allows us to go faster and be more agile as a business.

Amanda Schmidt

Vice President Customer Success, PandaDoc

There is so much information out there; we talk to our customers every day, five or six touch points at a minimum. To go through and manually review all of that is so cumbersome, and CompleteCSM can do it for us.


Victoria Barry

Customer Success Operations, Boomi

We’ve found that communication and satisfaction is a nuanced, often intangible concept, in the customer success world.  CompleteCSM reveals so much more about how our customers are interacting with our broader business. Turning the intangible into the tangible.

Jamie Peers

Vice President Sales, Synatic

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