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Introducing the #1 Deal Predictor for Salesforce.

AI-Driven insights on customer intent, powered by CompleteCSM's Customer Intelligence Cloud.

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Unlock Customer Intent.

Discover the 4th Dimension of your customer from your conversations with them.

You can have complete visibility into deals, customers, and team performance and supercharge your team with an EQ Coach to simulate different paths to success.

Without leaving your existing Platform of Gainsight, Salesforce or Hubspot you can harness the full power of customer intelligence!

Interpret Customer Signals

Get the full story behind every deal by uncovering contact signals to see how loyalty changes in real-time as they learn to love or hate you!

Customer Intent to buy or expand

Customers behave in certain ways during your conversations with your team.    Use AI to read customer intent for you.

Supercharge your Team with an EQ Coach

Your team to prepare for calls based on the customer or prospect you’ll be talking to next and then see how they did in the actual conversations!

Our Customers Achieve Better Outcomes

Outcomes for more than 7,000 users across Salesforce, Gainsight, Hubpot eco-systems.  Cheers to a few of our happy customers.

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