Customer Success Made Intelligent

Combine conversational AI with NexGen sentiment analytics to get at the heart of each customer interaction and respond proactively with the best action for each account in every situation.

Start generating insights in minutes!


Meeting Intelligence

Capture and model customer behavior in real time using a rich mix of interaction and operational data.

EQ Coach and Engagement Simulator

Boost individual and team CSM performance by simulating & analyzing key customer business interactions.

Customer Intelligence

Use AI and predictive intelligence to amplify insights and drive next-best customer actions.    Churn Analytics on steroids.

What is the

Customer Success Intelligence Cloud


The Customer Success Intelligence Cloud uses AI and advanced data collectors to separate the signal from the noise, allowing you to tune into customer conversations that matter.   Secure, cloud-based infrastructure allows you to get started with signal collection and EQ coaching in minutes, or take advantage of the native connectors and APIs to extend the CS Intelligence Cloud to your customer success platform, for greater team collaboration and insight amplification.

Supercharge Your CSM

Use AI to power up your platform.  AI-driven models and anlaytics allow you to truly understand and act on customer sentiment in real time, moving you from operational to intelligent customer success.


Go Beyond NPS

Give your customer success team the real-time intelligence and next-gen tools it needs to maximize every engagement to achieve the optimal outcome with every interaction.

Real-time Commitment Tracker

Track customer actions against verbal commitments in real time.

AI Meeting Simulator

Simulate, role play and prepare for key converations convering a range of scenarios like escalations, renewals, expansions and more.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Gain invaluable and actionable insight into customer sentiment and intent at the individual and account level.


Our Approach to Customer Success

Take your team from Good to Great with our digital coaching models that train your team and give them the next best action across any stage in the customer journey.  AI extensions to Customer Success allow CSMs to become revenue drivers using Empathy Intelligence to lead the way.


Detect challenges in customer expectations and verify commitment to adoption goals.


Validate go-live date probability and track changes in the loyalty of key contacts.  


Identify patterns that create a propensity to buy more based on Empathy Intelligence.


Identify patterns that create a propensity to buy more based on Empathy Intelligence.

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