These customers are like watermelons, Green on the outside and red on the inside! One of my favorite quotes of the entire Panel discussion, direct from our Moderator Dan Steinman, Chief Evangelist at Gainsight!

Join us as we take a journey through a few examples of how even experienced Customer Success leaders have a few customers that got away from them, but the critical question is: What did they do about it to prevent it from happening again! Get the full recording below, but enjoy a few of the out takes on the Journey.

We heard from Kellie Capote, SVP Customer Success at Gainsight on their highly coveted Health Score Process, divided into Customer Outcomes which they refer to as the objective DEAR process.

Amanda Schmidt, VP Customer Success from PandaDoc has fantastic ideas on how to take a team from Good to GREAT! She is definitely an awesome leader especially with a new and growing team!

Being able to watch recorded calls is a new level of being able to coach yourself, but who has time for that? I had a pretty good rant on how we only have some much time in the days to re-watch recorded calls with our bosses or our peers and why can’t we use AI to watch it for us?

What if you lead a Customer Success team and you have 5 people. You don’t have time to re-watch all of their calls and coach them. What if you have 20 people, or 100 people? Not enough time in the day!

Start using one of the most significant advances in Customer Success today! Learn how AI can do the work for you of analyzing all of those meetings! Artificial Intelligence and Customer Success go hand in hand. Watch the ENTIRE webinar panel video now, hear the stories and learn from Leaders in the industry!