We’re excited to formally announce that CompleteCSM is officially partnering with Gainsight by offering our solution on Gainsight’s new Marketplace called the Sightline Vault. This one-click installation and integration will be a game-changer for hundreds of Gainsight customers.

One thing I’ve learned in my career is that you seldom go wrong if you go with the market leader. That’s why I’ve used Salesforce, Slack, Okta, and Gainsight at many of my companies as the VP of Customer Success.  And it’s also why so many of my customers at Informatica chose Informatica, PTC customers chose PTC, Talend customers chose Talend.  At some point of maturity, the market leader is the market leader because they are the best solution. And Gainsight is definitely that in the Customer Success space.

Why Gainsight

In addition to being the market leader, Gainsight has also been an important part of my personal career. I first met them at Dreamforce when they were called JBara Software and selling an NPS solution. At the time, I thought NPS was all I needed, but as I entered into the Customer Success world and watched Gainsight and the community evolve, it became clear that there was way more to this Customer Success thing than NPS. Not only did I become Gainsight’s fifth customer while I was at Informatica, but they also gave me the opportunity to speak at the very first Pulse (their Customer Success conference) and many subsequent Pulses. More importantly were all of the great people I met and swapped ideas with, in the community. Not surprisingly, over the years, I became a repeat Gainsight customer – 4 times!

So, when I co-founded CompleteCSM, I knew that partnering with Gainsight could be our springboard to success. Gainsight’s platform is, by far, the most mature and robust in the industry. And so are their customers. Because CompleteCSM is essentially an AI extension of Gainsight (or any Customer Success solution), it’s a perfect fit for those Customer Success organizations who have operationalized their teams and their processes and are looking for that next edge to differentiate themselves from their competition. With CompleteCSM Gainsight customers will be able to:

  1. Use Empathy Intelligence to put human first factors front and center in the Gainsight customer 360 and scorecards for the loyalty of your champion, executive sponsor and power users.
  2. Make AI-Driven decisions on the next best actions for their customers and find the inflections points between usage, loyalty and healthscores to derive prioritization.
  3. Automatically create Calls to Actions (CTA) from online Zoom meeting action items for follow-up.
  4. Gamify CSM onboarding in a snap with a Digital Twin coach:  practicing their pitch at every stage of the customer journey and handling objections in both simulation and real time with customers. 

Unlocking Terabytes of Valuable Data

As Customer Success has matured over the past 15 years, organizations have found themselves sitting on terabytes of valuable sentiment data from their customers. Think about all of the “conversations” you have with customers that almost certainly contain gold nuggets of information telling you whether they are loyal or at-risk. Every recorded call, every email, every Community post, every Support ticket contains clues into the likelihood of that customer being loyal to you. 

Visualize Customer Empathy

And, if you can mine that data as it’s flowing in, you can take the necessary and timely actions required to improve your ever-important retention rates. And that’s exactly how CompleteCSM fits into your Customer Success strategy. You know there are at-risk customers out there and the data you have is just not giving you the whole picture. CompleteCSM can help complete that picture and ultimately improve your bottom line.If you’d like more information about Complete CSM, please visit our website at https://completecsm.ai or look for us on Gainsight’s Sightline Vault where you can install us with one click. Or you can reach out to me directly at bplaster@completecsm.ai or let’s chat over a virtual coffee sometime.

Is your CSM team

ready for AI?

If you’re a Gainsight Customer, find us on the Sightline vault. Interested in learning more, click here.