Paul Piazza
VP Customer Success, Socio

During my Customer Success tenure, I have been fortunate to join companies that revolutionized their industries. For example Marketo gave the CMO a seat at the Executive Table, and Gainsight put Customer Success on the map. I believe that CompleteCSM will change the way companies coach Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and measure customer health.

Coaching Customer Success Managers

In my tenure working on Customer Success teams, I have learned that coaching the right behaviors and understanding customer impact lead to success. With that said building the behavior model, training on the right behaviors, and measuring outcomes is very challenging. CompleteCSM’s artificial intelligence extensions provide a way to understand the fundamental make-up of a conversation at scale. By capturing the entirety of a conversation and bubbling up insights, AI assesses customer behavior and coaches customer success teams to coarse correct their behavior. This in-the-moment coaching enables companies and teams to scale and meet the challenges in today’s fast-paced CSM environment.   

Measuring Customer Touches

On an average day a customer receives many communications from different teams. These “touches” essentially go unmeasured or, worse, are left to the CSM’s perception, which is subjective and very hard to quantify. For example, an average High Touch CSM spends 4-6 hours on calls with customers. Some of the calls have 4-5 people in the meeting. This challenge compounds upon itself when other parts of an organization interact with customers. Support may have a technical case, and Marketing or Sales departments may speak with your customers about case studies or upsells. All this data goes unmeasured. Companies used other measurements to make up the gap — such as NPS, email response, and several other subjective measurements to predict a customer’s health. Very few actually indicate a customers’ true health. 

A Better Indicator for Customer Health

What if you could measure that customer’s health from every customer interaction? What if you could use that data to understand your customer’s sentiment of your organization? What if you can take the subjectivity of the health score?

There is an answer to quantify a subjective customer health score. The CompleteCSM solution leverages AI to uncover insights from untapped data. This information provides an unprecedented understanding of customer health empowering companies to accurately measure sentiment and understand customer loyalty. if they are leading to churn or focus on customers who are ready to invest more.

I believe now is the time for a solution like CompleteCSM. As companies have established their health scores and developed processes around the customer, it is imperative to measure every interaction to succeed.

I am excited about CompleteCSM and the future it brings to measuring Customer Success. I’m excited about the CompleteCSM product, its leadership and I’m honored that I was asked to assist with another company that will revolutionize an industry.