“The Customer Success community has been waiting for someone that used to run a mental health clinic! ”   (8:41)

said Dan Steinman as  we started to get to know each other on the webinar.


That’s Scott’s background, he’s been the CEO of a mental health clinic for years, but he wanted to do more than just take care of people coming in the clinic, he is on a mission of prevention to save lives through Technology.





What is Customer Success really about?

Can you influence a person to your narrative?

The key to this is to focus on THIS person, and not the landscape and demographics of people.

The moment of figuring out – How does THIS person – determine what is good and bad.    What are THIS person’s priorities?  12:30

Based on speech patterns, you can actually influence people towards your narrative.      

Ways that YOU can shift the way that you are talking, thinking and acting about this topic.

How should we look at Sentiment?   

It’s the decision making filters that matter to THIS person.      Based on the conversations being had with the organization, these are the things that will affect Churn in THIS organization, these are the things that you can use to upsell THIS individual customer.   


How did the meeting go?  

So have you ever asked your CSM who was in the customer meeting – How did the meeting go?

Was it Positive or Negative?  We all know that bland sentiment is not helpful and not enough.  

How does all of this matter on the Customer Success Journey?

 Where low/med/high sentiment is not very helpful, next generation sentiment needs to be customized to the industry and verticle.  

Using customer success models to represent customer journey stages like onboarding, escalations, renewals and looking at it over time series of data is the only way to get an accurate picture and predict human behavior in customer success.  

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