Customer Success Intelligence from Slack conversations with Customers, delivered via Slack.

Your customers and their stories are everywhere. Mixed in with the noise are the key digital signals revealing each individuals true sentiment and intentions at every make-or-break moment. You can capture customer signals from slack channels, and combine their sentiment with other conversations to notify you via Slack of what is happening in your accounts. Add to Slack

Four use cases for using Slack with CompleteCSM!

  1. Empathy Intelligence on each person in a Slack channel and process for sentiment to see how they feel about you.
  2. Listen for signals about a certain account in CompleteCSM.    Any conversation regarding that account will notify you of the commitment of the last conversation and sentiment of each individual.
  3. Coaching comments of part of an online meeting can be delivered via Slack
  4. Clip and Share part of an online meeting to send to Product Management or any other team member for viewing and commenting