Welcome to CompleteCSM

You’ve taken the first step to install CompleteCSM in your Salesforce Organization!   Now let’s finish our setup!

1) Installation

If you haven’t installed the package into Salesforce

Click here for the link now to add the latest Customer Success Intelligence app integrated in with Salesforce.





Create a user at  CompleteCSM.ai

Sign up through Zoom marketplace, then link it to a new CompleteCSM org.






If you don’t have Zoom, just create a new user by signing up with your email.




2) Setup your Salesforce Connection and Assign Fields

Authenticate with Salesforce by clicking the install button at the top.

 Now you will want to select which fields represent CSM Health, Adoption and ARR to support the AI Deep Understanding pipeline in CompleteCSM. 

3) Connect Salesforce

Sync your Objects

Check all three boxes.     This syncs your 

Accounts – to tie support tickets to customers

Contacts – to tie contacts to an account

Import Cases – the interactions from customers!











Setup the CompleteCSM Widget

Edit the Account page layout, and look in VisualForce Pages, find CompleteCSM

Drag the component to the Layout.

Hit the wrench on the component, set the height to 600px

See your Conversations 

Click on an Account and see your conversations related.   

Process some conversations!