Welcome to CompleteCSM

You’ve taken the first step to install CompleteCSM in your Salesforce Organization!   Now let’s finish our setup!

1) If you haven’t installed the package into Salesforce

Click here now to add the latest Customer Success Intelligence app integrated in with Salesforce.

2) Head over to  CompleteCSM

Login or create a new user and Sign up with your email.      We don’t support sign up yet with Google.

3) Setup your Salesforce Connection

Authenticate with Salesforce by clicking the install button at the top.

4) Validate connection with custom fields

First, set up custom fields that you should have in salesforce to represent health of each customer. 

CSM Health field – use the field name that has a value of health from 0 – 100%

Adoption Field – use the field name that has a value of how much  adoption has occurred at current state.     from 0-100%

ARR field – how much the account is worth.  This is a number in USD.  

Click the Validate button to ensure the fields are found.    

Leave them blank if you don’t have them.

5) Sync your Objects

Check all three boxes.     This syncs your 

Accounts – to tie support tickets to customers

Contacts – to tie contacts to an account

Import Cases – the interactions from customers! 


6) Connect to your Online meeting recordings

Zoom – on the Zoom app Marketplace


Gong – Configure your ids and import!