What do these Experts have in Common?  They are all CompleteCSM Customers sharing their stories about how the world is changing and they are riding the Shift of Sentiment with AI!  

Customer sentiment data is hidden in the signals all around you. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.    This expert panel had some valuable insights on the topic  customer success experts in different roles including CS Operations, CSM lead, and VP of Customer Success.    Get access to the full recording on LinkedIn Live

Let’s talk more about Data, the lifeblood of customers!   Mike Egan, VP CS at BenchSci tells all. 



When a customer is hard to handle, and suddenly they are hard to read – what does that mean?       When you look at all of the customer interactions throughout the day with everyone,  they all carry a voice!     What do you do with this data?   Victoria Barry, Customer Success Programs at Alteryx shares her story. 

Sometimes we look at Customers through Rose Colored Glasses, it would be AWESOME to see which people to engage more because they aren’t having the best customer experience.  This would be so valuable, so valuable!   Erica Cotton, Reciprocity lets us know what’s up!

And let’s talk about TONS OF DATA!  


How do you get Fans of your Software?   Mike Egan walks us through the path – Users into Fans, Fans into Advocates, Advocates into Evangelist!  Truly understanding how the customer is feeling about what we’re providing them is HUGE!

Dan Steinman, Gainsight has the ultimate question:   customers – do you like Working with us?  Feeling like you are sitting on the high wire and the wind is blowing – is there something that you don’t know and wish you knew it!    Hope is not a strategy!   

Are you worried about getting fired from your job because of Churn?    Let’s get Dan and Bryan’s take on how to avoid this! 


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