5 Reasons every company needs a

Customer Intelligence Cloud

Have you ever wondered if you could do more to understand your customers and positively impact their outcomes? What if you could easily measure their loyalty, usage, adoption and emotions about  each and every customer to know if they are actually achieving thier goals, or just going with the flow until they find a better solution? Trying to find your watermelon customers – customers who are green on the outside and red on the inside –at scale  is only achievable if you add intelligence into your strategy! 

The Customer Intelligence Cloud listens for signals from customers already hiding in your customer engagement tools and creates an automated intent score around every user and stakeholder. As more and more conversations happen between your customer and team, the analytical trends and nuanced observations guide you through how to work with each customer to a successful outcome! Adding intelligence into your customer retention strategy is easier than it sounds. This eBook will cover five reasons why every company needs a Customer Intelligence Cloud and how to build one so you can anticipate your customers’ every move.

#1  Hidden information about your customer is literally everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

Interactions (or lack thereof) with customers begin to tell a story. Think about the hundreds of interactions that people at your company are having every day, week or month with customers.   Support representatives have conversations over email, chats and online tickets. Sales representatives transition new customers in the hand off call and then are available during expansion or renewals. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) have weekly cadence calls to get the customer started, grow their adoption, and set goals in Executive Business Reviews for mutual success.    

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#2 Every Interaction Tells a Story, one person at a time.


Do you hold 4-10 video calls every day with customers, and then rewatch the videos at 1.5X speed to take notes on what happened? With a large book of business, one day could hold many topics for a CSM, from Cadence calls, to onboarding, to Executive Business Reviews or escalations.   Every interaction tells a story with highs and lows and commitment to the topics you’re discussing.     

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#3 Capture those “aha moments” to validate that your customer is on track to achieving their value outcomes.

Did the customer nod their head yes or shake it no when they responded to your topic. It’s a nuanced observation that takes a certain level of EQ to understand without bias. Ultimately, your CSMs are trying to ensure that the customer is achieving value outcomes with your product or service. The ultimate indicator is when the customer responds with a positive attitude and strong emotion to the topics you’re driving. We call that an “aha moment!”

Discovering “aha moments” is about fine tuning your EQ to listen for how a customer responds to your delivery and agenda.

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#4 Learn Who’s Ready to be a Reference, or Who’s the Dissenter 

Learning about each stakeholder individually in your conversations is important, but how do they compare to the rest of their team?     

Do you know who is the most loyal and vocal to your cause? It will certainly come out in conversations with them.    Be ready and in the know of xactly the right moment to ask them for a reference!  

Is someone more frustrated than others on your customer’s team and having trouble with a feature, function or experiencing bugs or outages? Find a way to give them extra special attention and win them over.  

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#5 Know your Customer’s Intent to Churn or Expand from Trend Data 

Each user or stakeholder has a different type of influence to the subscription that is impossible to track for one customer, let alone ten, fifty or thousands of customers! It might be easy to recap and personally analyze the very last conversation that you had with the customer, but the real goal is to measure trends of customer intentions over time.    

How can we get our own Customer Intelligence Cloud? 

Creating a Customer Intelligence Cloud isn’t simple, but it’s easy to get started.  First, start collecting all of the interactions with your customers. It may sound daunting at first, but with today’s technology you’re probably already doing it!    

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The data landscape of Customer Success is too much for any one person or team to understand or even comb through by themselves.  Millions of signals from thousands of people constantly changing over time to delicate situations. A Customer Intelligence Cloud can learn about and profile your customers and let your team know which customer to focus on next.

 That’s Customer Success Made Intelligent.