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The Human side of Customer Intelligence

Scott Sandland from talks about what makes a great salesperson.What is the first step to buying a car?   It's Intent.Scott Edmunds from Syncari with a compelling statement about how buying is emotional. Bryan Plaster from Complete CSM on the Buyers Journey...

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Black Friday comes once a year!

Now is the time to get Customer Intelligence at a 75% discount! [Based on what you're already paying for Gong, Chorus, Fireflies]    Do you love your Gong or find your self re-watching videos at 1.5X speed to see what happened with your team.    What if you could...

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Can Body Language decipher a customer’s intent?

From LinkedIn - Is body language important to decipher a customer's Intent? It's the reason that people are starting to get on planes again! Can AI read a person's #emotionalintelligence better...

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Deal Predictor Launch Party [Oct 17, 2022]

  Join us virtually or at the The Star in Frisco to learn how to tap into the “Intent Probability” within your existing forecast tool in Salesforce to bring the reality of your deals to light.You already have the data that you need to understand customer intent,...

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