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The Journey of Automated Intentions

Is it too late?Use Customer Intelligent Cloud to track loyalty for every single interaction.Do you have a 4D view of each customer? See every interaction with any customer with you team.     Our AI bubbles up important milestones with adoption, loyalty and CSM Health...

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The Evolution of Customer Intelligence

CUSTOMER SUCCESS HAS EVOLVEDWhile Customer Success has recently emerged as a new category, it's been in practice by early pioneers of subscription in many forms for the past decade. Customer Intelligence, while under the disguise of different technology patterns, has...

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Can Salesforce be a Customer Success Platform too?

In my early days as a SaaS Customer Success VP, there wasn't such a thing as a customer success platform, we used Salesforce to track customer renewals and spreadsheets to track customer progress. Customer Success has been an awesome path in my career for the past 15...

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