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Onboarding in 2021; You Either Sink or Scale

Get the Full Recording Over 50 years of customer success experience were on display Wednesday at the CSM Onboarding Sink or Swim panel. During this hour-long conversation, Customer Success legends Dan Steinman, Bernie Kassar, Jon Herstein, and Bryan Plaster...

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Human First Factors Stole the Show at Pulse 2021

Even though Pulse was not in person this year, the conference still achieved its overall goal: bringing passionate customer success practitioners together. From the hilarious parody of The Office in the opening keynote, to the more serious discussion in the final session about how to balance the...

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Getting ready for Pulse Everywhere 2021!

In the weeks leading up to Pulse 2021 I talked to some really fun people about our favorite sessions! Let’s hear what they have to say, I hope you have as much fun watching as we had discussing Pulse Everywhere! DM me on LinkedIn if you want chat about Pulse Everywhere with me! Chat with Victoria...

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Measuring Customer Success with AI

Paul Piazza VP Customer Success, Socio During my Customer Success tenure, I have been fortunate to join companies that revolutionized their industries. For example Marketo gave the CMO a seat at the Executive Table, and Gainsight put Customer Success on the map. I believe that CompleteCSM will...

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CompleteCSM Partners with Gainsight

We’re excited to formally announce that CompleteCSM is officially partnering with Gainsight by offering our solution on Gainsight’s new Marketplace called the Sightline Vault. This one-click installation and integration will be a game-changer for hundreds of Gainsight customers. One thing I’ve...

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Ever had a Green Customer Churn?

These customers are like watermelons, Green on the outside and red on the inside! One of my favorite quotes of the entire Panel discussion, direct from our Moderator Dan Steinman, Chief Evangelist at Gainsight! Get the Full Recording Now Join us as we take a journey through a few examples of how...

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Why CompleteCSM is the Future of Customer Loyalty

Churn is the enemy of sustainable growth for any SaaS company. Negative net churn can be the fuel for high growth. To that end, every SaaS company should aim to drive loyalty amongst their customers so they can increase customer lifetime value (LTV) and create negative net churn via cross-sell, upsell, longer terms, referrals and other monetization tactics.

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Is NPS Enough? Panel of Experts moderated by Dan Steinman.

From all the panelist we agreed that this was the most fun we've have on a webinar together, ever! We definitely plan to do more webinars and expert panels together in the future. It turns out that this is a bigger problem than we thought, tune in to hear the approaches from each of our Experts in...

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