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Why CompleteCSM is the Future of Customer Loyalty

Churn is the enemy of sustainable growth for any SaaS company. Negative net churn can be the fuel for high growth. To that end, every SaaS company should aim to drive loyalty amongst their customers so they can increase customer lifetime value (LTV) and create negative net churn via cross-sell, upsell, longer terms, referrals and other monetization tactics.

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Is NPS Enough? Panel of Experts moderated by Dan Steinman.

From all the panelist we agreed that this was the most fun we've have on a webinar together, ever! We definitely plan to do more webinars and expert panels together in the future. It turns out that this is a bigger problem than we thought, tune in to hear the approaches from each of our Experts in...

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Customer Intelligence Will Drive Customer Success in 2021

“Customer success” (CS) has always been an essential ingredient for a software as a service (SaaS) business to thrive. In our current era of digital transformation through the pandemic, we may have found the silver lining of 2020 where most SaaS companies have re-focused on adoption metrics...

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Join the CompleteCSM beta program

It's time to break free of a thousand siloed conversations and give your CSM team the digital super powers they need to understand their customers. Our initial beta launch starts next week with only a few spots left. Watch the video and call out the three digital super powers in the comments and...

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