Churn Predictor for customer success teams

ML Models that demystify

patterns in historic churn or

expansion and find close matches

for existing customers.

Are your customers churning or expanding?  Rely on trusted insights not wild guesses.

Introducing the all-new Churn Predictor for Salesforce. Predict your customer’s real intent for churn or expansion with AI-powered signals and always act in time. Clinically profile previously churned customers and understand the trajectory of existing customers.

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No more confusion on customer intent

You don’t need data science teams spending months on end to ingest data and build scores of ML models that are hard to understand. Instantly tap into a Confusion Matrix to determine accuracy of models on existing customers and understand both the clear and not-so-obvious trends.

Predict Churn, before it becomes real.

The Churn Predictor analyses all your team’s round-the-clock conversations with prospects, customers on Slack, Zoom or Gong, product usage and real-time health scores to help you predict churn or expansion with precision.

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Unlock Propensity at any given moment.

Get ahead of the customer curve. Keep a live scoreboard of your customer intent scores ranked by intensity and monitor the pace of change. Gather a comprehensive understanding based on intent, adoption and loyalty trends, team interactions, pulse of different users and health scores for each of your customers.


Discover customer paths with a Virtual Data Scientist

Every churned customer tells a story. So do the expanded ones. Analyse the time series of data leading up to the revenue event, your models’ predictions vs. actuals to proactively prevent churn or propel an expansion. 


Powered by the Customer Intelligence Cloud

Behind the Deal Predictor is CCSM’s Customer Intelligence Cloud, a unifying platform for customer insights. There’s hundreds, if not thousands of customer signals locked away in communications tools. These terabytes of interaction data hold the key to understanding your customers’ true intent and sentiment.

“There are a lot of Customer conversations and moving parts not just through me but other departments as well.   Tons of Data that we look to  CompleteCSM to analyze and let us know next steps!

Erica Cotton

Regional Lead Customer Success, Reciprocity

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