Customer Intelligence

Use AI and predictive intelligence to amplify insights and drive next-best customer actions.


Customer Patterns

Use fine-grained time series analysis to identify and capture patterns of what a churning vs expanding customer looks like.

Real-Time Signals

 Set and receive alerts when a negative or positive interaction occurs with the customer — delivered to you CS Platform, Slack or email as an actionable task. 

Trending Alerts

Set thresholds for loyalty changes and trigger alerts directly to your CRM and/or Slack instance to take action.

Consolidate Customer Signals

Each customer interaction contributes to the overall loyalty story.  Project future trends based on past actions — and act prescriptively to ensure a happy ending.

Customer SWOT

 Automatically generate Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat analyses.  Use your new Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills to reduce stress and  “tune in” to each customer.

Predictive Modeling

Using polynomial regression analysis on time series data to look at history and predict future trends for each account.  

Focus on the Contacts and Accounts That Matter

Segment your entire customer base by the metrics that matter. Understand exactly who your advocates and detractors are and their respective sentiment level at any moment. Use Data + AI to tell you who’s at risk and where to focus, so you know exactly where to spend your time and resources to maximize value and ROI.

Reduce Churn and Increase Expansion

Use our AI and advanced analytics to predict and proactively prevent churn or exploit expansion opportunities. Your unstructured conversational data is rich in insights that only AI can decipher at scale. We use advanced deep learning algorithms and models to identify patterns that likely lead to churn or other key events and aggregate them into an easily consumable view of customer loyalty for you to act on.

Just in Time Notification So You Can Take Action.

Set thresholds for upward or downward trends in customer loyalty and receive instant notification of potential churn or expansion directly to your CSM platform, Slack channels, or email.

Embed Insights into Your Applications

Drive immediate action by embedding real-time customer and account insights directly into the applications your CSMs use every day. Native integration with CSM and CRM platforms, such as Gainsight and Salesforce, give your CSMs a complete, real-time view of individual contact and account health and trends right from their respective application’s dashboard, so they can act immediately with the right response.

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