Unlock Customer Intent from non-verbal and verbal communication

Harness the 4th dimension of customer intelligence from all your conversations

Rep Score against the Playbooks

AI Coaching model are created from best practices in Sales, Customer Success or you can create from your own playbooks.    How did the rep do against the models?   It’s 100% scored.

Prospect or Customer Intent

There’s a lot in a conversation.   AHA moments that a customer reponded to, their level of committment to what you are saying and a break of the call and heuristics by person.  Know exactly what happened in the conversation! 

Does Body language matter?

Does a head knod mean yes or no?  What about a smile or a lean in moment?     Body language is a big part of formulating Customer Intent (now in BETA)

Case Study: Talend

Predicting NRR Actions with 90% Accuracy

“With CompleteCSM we can reinforce the concept of hitting the right moments of truth during the onboarding conversation, and help the customer obtain clarity for how to get there.”

Faisal Khan
VP Vustomer Success, Talend

Conversations are happening everywhere.

Online meetings, collaboration tools, emails, ML Models – the signals you need are scattered everywhere. Leverage AI to unearth the most accurate intent from all your team conversations.

Your Conversations.

Your ML Models.

The Most Accurate Intent.

Stop using 3rd party Intent Data that leads you down the wrong path.   

Intent should originate in the conversations with your team. 

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