Know Real-Time Customer Intent

Accurately predict which customers will expand, renew or churn before they do. CompleteCSM delivers stakeholder insights for every contact and account directly to your CRM or Customer Success Platform.

Anticipate Changes in Loyalty

Every customer interaction is part of the overall loyalty story, but the narrative is locked away inside tools and meetings. Consolidate loyalty across stakeholders to have a true pulse of the account.

Get Alerts on Customer Behavior

There’s much adoption and usage data for customer success managers to keep up. CompleteCSM alerts your team in real-time with positive and negative notifications to help your team stay on track.

See a 4D View of Each Account

Model what your best and worst customers look like so you can predict churn, upsells, and expansions with 90% accuracy. CompleteCSM lets you see accounts in 4-dimensions so your’e never surprised.

Case Study: Talend

Predicting NRR Actions with 90% Accuracy

“With CompleteCSM we can reinforce the concept of hitting the right moments of truth during the onboarding conversation, and help the customer obtain clarity for how to get there.”

Faisal Khan
VP Vustomer Success, Talend

Powering Customer Success Teams with More Intelligence

Analyze each customer at scale to successfully guide them on your customer journey.


Get alerts on challenges and issues, and compare your current customers’ behavior with past ones to measure success.


Focus your Customer Success Managers’ workflows on the accounts that need extra attention to manage risk.


Create models that recognize patterns similar to other customers who have expanded or renewed in the past


Know when a customer is starting to look like other churned customers and proactively reach out and save the day!

Give Your Team Digital Superpowers

Align your team to each customer’s needs with automated intent scores delivered to your customer success platform or CRM. No more guessing about where a customer stands – now every team member is armed with the same data to support the customer.

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