Level Up Your Customer Team

Teach customer success managers how to read customer signals and handle business reviews, escalations, and onboarding calls with an AI coach that improves emotional intelligence and helps prioritize accounts.

Teach Emotional Intelligence

Stop rewatching calls at 1.5 times the speed! Use an AI coach to teach customer success managers how to have hard conversations and match a customer’s pace. Let them practice as much as they like on their time.

Create Best Practice AI Models

Replicate your best customer success managers’ behavior by creating AI models across the entire customer journey. Capture the top customer calls to optimize your processes across the team.

Measure Team Performance

Create leaderboards of simulations and actual customer calls to analyze current skills and track team improvement over time. Analyze team and individual performance to move your team from good to great.

Case Study: Reciprocity

AI Coaching Improves Executive Business Reviews

“There are a lot of customer conversations and moving parts, not just through me, but also through other departments as well. We look to CompleteCSM to analyze tons of data and let us know of next steps!”

– Erica Cotton, Customer Success Manager, Reciprocity

Coach Teams Across the Customer Journey

Improve performance for better outcomes for all accounts


Ensure your onboarding calls are driving the right outcomes per your playbooks


Train your customer success team on how to increase adoption and feature usage for each customer.


Create plays for expansion and how to guide those conversations.


Make sure every customer success manager knows how to handle escalations, business reviews, and renewals.

SuperCharge Your Customer-Facing Team

The only way to learn how to speak to customers is through practice. Our AI simulator allows customer success managers to practice handling customer objections, business reviews, escalations, and more to help every member of your team reach their potential.

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