What is

Customer Success Intelligence?

The next generation of AI-driven techniques to move companies beyond operational Customer Success into Intelligence. 

This is not another Customer Success Platform, it is AI driven extensions of your existing one.

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Data Informed. Manifesto.

Customer Success professionals are searching for clarity amongst all kinds of siloed data hidden in systems.     Customer Health becomes a stale number as soon as some one else in your organization talks to your customer.    We’ve come to accept that it will take at least a week to prepare for an EBR with a customer due to lack of information.     

You should be able to leverage data about your customers from every interaction.  Give your team digital superpowers to maximize every customer moment with AI along the customer journey.  

Goodbye speculation. 

Hello Data and AI.




Core Tenants of

Customer Success Intelligence

Harness Insights from Every Single Interaction.

Complete your customer’s story with every digital conversation and customer data streams including emails, support tickets, webchats, surveys, online meetings and more.

Next Generation Sentiment

Stop basing your entire customer analysis on NPS scores and old fashioned sentiment (low/med/high). You can drive your next conversations with AI observations and how to work with humans.

Predictive Analytics

AI in customer success allows for true predictability of outcomes. Trends with time series data what will happen in the future if you don’t take action. Rules and triggers are a thing of the past.

Digital EQ Coach

Supercharge your team.   Listens to meetings and gives personalized advice to tune your CSM team’s delivery and emotional intelligence. 




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How does 


fit into the

Customer Success Puzzle?

Pair CSMs to Customers based on Loyalty

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re so confident that you’ll like it we have a free version that will send you an email of every conversation that you record

Built for Teams

Sophisticated AI requires lot of data, so invite your friend, invite your cohorts, invite your customers to the fun!

Seamless integration

Gainsight, Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Churn Zero, Planhat – we connect to everything in a snap!

Open API

Next Generation GraphQL API interface is best in breed.   Connect your system to CompleteCSM, connect CompleteCSM to you.   Run in the background.  You choose. 

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