EQ Coach

& Engagement Simulator

Boost individual and team CSM performance by simulating & analyzing key customer business interactions.  Get instant access to a real CSM coach if you need one.


Contextual Journey Modeling

Create an intelligent EQ avatar for each customer contact and simulate key conversations for escalations, renewals, expansions, etc.

Customer Success-based Sentiment

Sentiment isn’t the same across all industries and verticals. Configurable models allow you to adjust key “hot button” or “sell words” to match your business.

Post-Simulation Analytics

Analyze and grade individual/team performance and coach your team from good to GREAT.

Virtual vs. Actual Leaderboard

Measure/visualize real individual and team performance against simulations and actual customer calls. 

Customer Objection Handling

Use the conversation simulator to surface and prescriptively address likely customer objections.

Model & Simulate Customer Interactions

Practice makes perfect. Create a complex, AI-based digital model (or ‘twin’) for every key customer contact and use it to simulate conversations about adoption, expansion, renewal, or even churn. With the simulations, you can surface likely objections and conversation inflection points, practice responses, and receive coaching feedback to successfully move past them.

Coach Up Individual CSM Manager & Team Performance

Playbooks are great tools, but they’re only as effective as the individuals that use them. With the EQ coach, you can now capture and analyze every customer interaction against the prescriptive model/playbook and receive the immediate feedback and coaching needed to course correct and elevate the performance of every CSM on the team.

Drive Continuous CSM Improvement

Continuously optimize every aspect of your CSM program. Use AI to model and emulate your top-performing CS managers, produce account and use-case specific (onboarding, escalations, etc.) playbooks, and simulate key conversations. Evaluate individual performance against the archetype and apply the prescriptive feedback for continuous improvement -- Even share results via social leaderboards for greater collaboration and team building.

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