Meeting Intelligence for Gainsight 

Providing CSM teams with greater access to the sentiment data from the conversations between people that are tucked away within their various data silos and is specifically aimed at closing the ‘sentiment gap’ between a customer’s true opinion of their subscription and the SaaS company’s perception in terms of R/Y/G health.

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With CompleteCSM, companies can bring in structured and unstructured customer conversational data from any source (Zoom, Gong, Slack, etc.), combine it with operational data, such as product usage, support tickets and training accessed, and apply it to advanced machine learning models that accurately score sentiment, predict propensity, and prescribe next best actions.

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The new Gainsight home is the home page for a CSM, manager or VP of Customer Success.     Look at the heat map of all your customers and if they are advocates or at risk coinciding with adoption explorer, timeline or your calls to action.    Configure your page with Conversational AI widgets,  


The Conversational Sentiment Score is the rollup of how your customers feel about you from the conversations that they have been having.    

Organize by the key roles at your customer such as executive sponsor, champion, or power users!  


Conversational Intelligence

All of your conversations for a single Customer?    Tab through how all of the conversations add up to the predictive expansion analytics for each account, right on the customer page where its the most important!  Conversations from Slack, Zoom and Gong;  don't forget about those support tickets, webchats and emails! 

Customer Intelligence

Time Series data of Loyalty, CSM Health, Adoption and more plotted across multiple milestones from Gainsight.     A Polynomial Regression technique projects the future with our predictive expansion platform to enable you to get ahead of upcoming good or bad outcomes!


How It Works

With the launch of CompleteCSM and its Customer Success (CS) Intelligence Cloud, companies can now unlock all of the sentiment data contained within the multitude of customer calls, chats, social interactions, and support tickets that occur throughout the usual course of business AND correlate it with operational data, such as product usage, to construct a complete and real-time view of each customer’s propensity to buy, renew, churn, or expand at any given point in time. 

I can’t over emphasize how critical EQ is for CSMs, it’s the hardest thing to teach and measure.   CompleteCSM gets real-time sentiment across all the various conversations, and then we are able use that as a coaching mechanism to standardize our detection points.

Kellie Capote

SVP Customer Success, Gainsight

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