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If you’re already a Gainsight customer,  simply login to your tenant and go to the Sightline Vault.    Look for CompleteCSM in the “Productivity” section.  

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I can’t over emphasize how critical EQ is for CSMs, it’s the hardest thing to teach and measure.   CompleteCSM gets real-time sentiment across all the various conversations, and then we are able use that as a coaching mechanism to standardize our detection points.

Kellie Capote

SVP Customer Success, Gainsight

AI Extensions to Customer Success allows CSMs to become revenue drivers

Land: Detect challenges in customer expectations from sales in order to verify commitment to adoption goals.  Automatically take action items from your recorded meetings to create calls to action (CTA) for follow-up in Gainsight.

Adopt: Validate go-live date probability and track changes in the loyalty of your champion, executive sponsor or power users to make AI-driven decisions of what to do next.  Build a personality profile of your power users consisting of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to create superhuman augmentation of the factors that drive adoption.

Expand: Cross-reference product utilization to CSM health scores and detected loyalty to identify patterns that create a propensity to buy more from your champion or executive sponsor.   Validate that your customer is on the plateau of productivity or course correct to find the next best actions to get them back on track.

Renew: Identify the inflection point of loyalty versus usage to get advanced notice on probability and continuity of the renewal. Prepare for pivotal quarterly business reviews by weighing in on the nuances of communication based on personality profiles of your Champion and Executive Sponsor.

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