Meeting Intelligence

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Conversational Analysis

Quickly breakdown the component parts of each meeting and get to the heart of what worked–and what didn’t–without repeated viewings.

Actionable Meeting Summaries

Surface key topics, emotional triggers, strong sentiment statements and meeting action items–Automatically!

Commitment Analytics

Understand and track each individual customer’s commitment level–to buy, renew or expand–at any point in time.

Prescriptive Action Plans

Build and/or recover momentum with strategic agendas, talking points, and game plans for each customer conversation.

Individual EQ Profiles

Immediately establish and increase rapport by mirroring each contact’s preferred conversation and learning styles. 

Clip and Share Recordings

Easily edit, save and share customer meeting recordings with coworkers and partners, for greater team collaboration.

Assess and Improve Customer Commitment

Trying to guess the gap between the clients' stated and actual commitment level will always leave you a step behind.   With Meeting Intelligence, you can now monitor each contact's propensity to buy, adopt, renew or expand at every step of the journey and receive prescriptive recommendations to drive and achieve the desired outcome.

Learn How to Work Effectively with Each Contact

Empathy is the new currency and those that have and can leverage it will always have the advantage in any business situation.  With Meeting Intelligence, you can now immediately understand each contact's preferred learning and conversational style - visual, auditory, or kinesthetic - and receive guidance on how to tailor your interactions to mirror them, for maximum engagement and follow through.

Mazimize CSM Performance at Every Stage of the Journey

Use modeling, meeting simulations, and closed-loop reporting to gain and optimize the pulse of every contact and account in your business book. Create models for the ideal playbook in every scenario -- onboarding, escalations, etc. -- and guide and incentivize CSM managers and teams to deliver on it with individualized action plans and shareable leaderboards.


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