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Start with finding AHA moments in your own conversations, then connect your CRM to drive customer outcomes.   Send objective Intent data to your Data Scientist team for more insights

AHA Moments



per user/month

Best for new teams up to 5 users and 100 Conversations / month

Meeting Intelligence

AHA Moments

Sentiment and Intent Scoring

Record, Transcribe Zoom Calls

Clip and Share Zoom Calls

Meeting Summaries

EQ Coaching

Customer Objection Handling

Meeting Comments

Available on Zoom Markeplace

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Available for Slack

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per user/month

Teams connected to Gainsight, Salesforce, Hubspot

4D View of each Customer

Customer Sentiment

True Champion or Mole

Virtual vs Actual Leaderboard

Strategic Meeting Planner

Customer Simulator

Customer Objection Handling

Meeting Comments

Available on the AppExchange

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Available on Sightline Vault

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Coming soon to Hubspot App Marketplace

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per user/month

CS Teams that have a data scientist

Customer Intent API

Churn Predictor API

Data Scientist Tools and Integration


Integrations to Data Platforms and tools

Time Series Account Loyalty to Snowflake

Utilize Sagemaker neural network for churn and expansion profiling

Data Scientist can utilize their own tools for churn prediction

 “This is one of the most significant advances in the customer success world that we’ve seen in a long time.   With all of that data out there,  if we could save just one customer per year with CompleteCSM, it would more than pay for itself.

Dan Steinman

Chief Evangelist, Gainsight

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