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Single User

Best for Individual CSMs

Meeting Intelligence

Record, Transcribe Zoom calls

Individual EQ Profiles

Meeting Events sent to your Email Inbox or Slack channel.

Commitment Analytics

Insights from Slack Channels

Clip and Share Recordings








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per user/month

Best for new CSM teams

All of FREE Edition + 

EQ Coach and Engagement Simulator

Contextual Journey Modeling

Post Simulation Analytics

Customer Objection Handling

Virtual vs Actual Leaderboard

Strategic Meeting Planner

Customer Success based Sentiment






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per user/month

Best for CSM teams using Salesforce

All of PRO Edition + 

Customer Intelligence

Real-Time Signals

Predictive Modeling

Consolidate Customer Signals

Trending Alerts

Customer SWOT

Customer Patterns

Enterprise Data from Salesforce

Connect Cases

Connect Emails

Connect Activities




Connect your Gainsight in about 10 minutes




Best for Established CSM teams with a Customer Success Platform

All of Salesforce Edition+

Connected Applications

Connect your Enterprise CRM

Connect your CS platform

- Gainsight

- Planhat

- ClientSuccess

- ChurnZero


Connect your Emails

Connect your Support Tickets and Webchats

Connect your NPS

Connect Gong, Chorus, Wingman

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