What We Offer

Customer Insights

Bring  together all data streams for a unified voice of the customer including meetings, support tickets, chats, NPS, and emails.

Empathy Intelligence

Better understanding customers has never been easier. Get conversation snapshots with summaries and personality profiles.

Journey of Conversations

Conversations from all contacts roll into AI predictions of what will happen to alert your team to intervene or expand.

SuperCharge Digital Coaching

Does the customer respond to a CSM’s passion, engagement, or persuasion? Help teams adapt and win with AI feedback.

AI Guidance for next best actions

Create algorithms to model expansion or churn so that you can get ahead of revenue projections and effect change.

Digital Me


per user/Month

Best for Individual CSMs

Best Practice AI Models

Supercharged Digital Coaching

Customer Insights Email


On the Zoom Marketplace


 Teams Edition


per user/month

Best for new CSM teams

Digital Me+

Team Gamification

Conversation Playlist

Conversational Commitment Trend

Action items from meeting

Empathy Intelligence

Start your team with a 3 minute form

Gainsight Edition


per user/month

Best for teams with Gainsight


Customer Analytics

Predictive Churn Modeler

Action Items into CRM

Customer Success Streams

Enterprise CRM Integration

Connect your Gainsight in about 10 minutes

Enterprise Edition


Best for Established CSM teams


Customer Analytics

Predictive Churn Modeler

Action Items into CRM

Customer Success Streams, Enterprise CRM Integration, CS Platform Edition


 “This is one of the most significant advances in the customer success world that we’ve seen in a long time.   With all of that data out there,  if we could save just one customer per year with CompleteCSM, it would more than pay for itself.

Dan Steinman

Chief Evangelist, Gainsight


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Digital Me edition good for more than one CSM?

To collaborate on customers, upgrade to the Teams Edition.    

With Digital Me, you can practice your delivery using our AI models and get a Customer Insights Email with every Zoom call that you take with a customer!

Can I collaborate on Customers with the teams edition?

Teams edition is for helping each other on your team to become better CSMs by sharing AI models for delivery and using the Leaderboard to gamify the fun!    Teams doesn’t support integration of your CRM system,  so while you’ll be able to get Customer Insights from your Zoom calls you won’t be able to link them to the companies that work at.    That happens with the CRM integration of Enterprise Edition.

How can I get the Predictive Churn modeler?

This is only available in the Enterprise Edition because it relies on leveraging all the different conversations from all of the contacts at each of your customers. 

How many customer data streams can I process with Enterprise Edition?

All of your datastreams can be imported using Enterprise Edition.     Online meetings, Support tickets, Emails, Webchats, NPS scores and more! 

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