Who are your

Growth-Ready Customers in the Current Quarter?

Customer Intelligence for Salesforce can provide you a list of who has the propensity to expand or churn in as little as one week.   

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) is critical to every business and the main topic in every board room for SaaS B2B subscription companies.  Do your customers INTEND to expand or churn?

With Customer Intent for Salesforce you can quickly leverage all of your conversational data to produce a Customer Intent Score forecasting NRR on your entire customer base in Salesforce.com!


A List of Growth Ready Customers

Ready for the Quarterly Business Review with your executives to review customers?
AI driven insights tell you who is going to Expand, Renew Flat or Churn in this quarter.
It’s based on the conversations that your team is already having with customers.



Embedded Widget in the Account screen

All of your conversations for a single Customer?    Tab through how all of the conversations add up to the predictive expansion analytics for each account, right on the customer page where its the most important!  Conversations from Slack, Zoom and Gong;  don’t forget about those support tickets, webchats and emails!

Customer Insights and Meeting Actions

With Customer Insights, you not only know what your customer intends to do, but why they plan to renew or churn.
Action come across as Task in Salesforce to give your team advance notice to take action on an Upsell opportunity.
Meeting notes are generated from your Zoom or Gong Conversation and become a part of your Salesforce CSM Account record.

Realtime Customer and Meeting insights in Slack

As Meetings happen between customers and your team, get instant notification to how the meeting went as well as the overall customer intent trends.


Ingest Slack customer channels for their intent.

Talk to your customers over slack?    Many of the more progressive companies setup customer channels between their team and the customer to break down the barriers!
These interactions can be read for customer intent too!   Get ahead of churn and look for expansion indicators!

In Salesforce

Join our (free) Private Beta

Are you on the Salesforce platform for your CRM, support tickets with service cloud and Slack for communication?   Does your team hold online meetings with Gong or Zoom?   

We’re holding a free private beta for anyone to join the revolution of Customer Success Intelligence.    All we ask in return is your feedback and value that is brought to your organization.     

Want to know what your customers will do next?    Only with our CS Intelligence Cloud!


How It Works

With the launch of CompleteCSM and its Customer Success (CS) Intelligence Cloud, companies can now unlock all of the sentiment data contained within the multitude of customer calls, chats, social interactions, and support tickets that occur throughout the usual course of business AND correlate it with operational data, such as product usage, to construct a complete and real-time view of each customer’s propensity to buy, renew, churn, or expand at any given point in time. 

“There are a lot of Customer conversations and moving parts not just through me but other departments as well.   Tons of Data that we look to  CompleteCSM to analyze and let us know next steps!

Erica Cotton

Regional Lead Customer Success, Reciprocity

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