Deal Predictor for Sales Teams.

Embedded AI-powered customer intent scores to detect winnable deals, renewals and expand business.

Time is running out on the Quarter. Are you smashing your deals?

Try the #1 Deal Predictor for Salesforce.  Unlock real customer intent and drive action with AI-driven intelligence.

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The Deal Predictor analyses your team’s conversations with prospects, customers on Slack, Zoom or Gong to accurately predict if they are going to buy or churn. Tap into the “Intent Probability” within your Forecast tool in Salesforce to bring the reality of your deals to light.

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Discover customer intent, before anyone does.

Get the real pulse of your customer and rally actions around powerful insights. Powered by AI/ML driven forecasts, understand hidden aspects of your customer journey and what they are going to do next.

Accelerate with a growth-ready customer list

Spearhead sales efforts with razor sharp focus. Understand trends of adoption, loyalty and behavioral changes that matter. Prioritize who is going to expand, renew flat or churn this quarter.

Pickup key customer signals


Understand every growth possibility from within your apps. Unlock key customer intent signals from slack, zoom calls or your service tickets and get real-time notifications on meetings and intent.

Powered by the Customer Intelligence Cloud

Behind the Deal Predictor is CCSM’s Customer Intelligence Cloud, a unifying platform for customer insights. There’s hundreds, if not thousands of customer signals locked away in communications tools. These terabytes of interaction data hold the key to understanding your customers' true intent and sentiment.

“There are a lot of Customer conversations and moving parts not just through me but other departments as well.   Tons of Data that we look to  CompleteCSM to analyze and let us know next steps!

Erica Cotton

Regional Lead Customer Success, Reciprocity

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