Signal Predictor for marketing, sales and customer success teams

Signals that uncover customer sentiments and hidden truths real-time during calls.

Did a Customer just give you a reference?

Are customers saying great things about your product and company in calls with your team?     Capture the reference from the source and send to marketing!  

Listen for customer signals and notify your team.

I love the way that your product accomplishes XYZ for me, it’s so fantastic” – said a customer that was never repeated.

Your solution saved me a zillion hours of consulting work and had 5000% ROI – said a user to a support rep and never heard again.

Enhance your current recording platform.  Go beyond rewatching meetings at 1.75X speed.

Gong, Zoom, Fireflies are not enough.   Support Tickets, emails, webchats, NPS surveys barely scratch the surface of your Customer’s Intent. 

Customer Signals can be Captured in Real Time.

Customers say a lot on each call.   Referencability when they call out what they like about the product, request a feature,  ask when is their Renewal date, or inquire on a cross-sell product.

Notify who needs to know. 

Powered by the Customer Intelligence Cloud

Behind the Deal Predictor is CCSM’s Customer Intelligence Cloud, a unifying platform for customer insights. There’s hundreds, if not thousands of customer signals locked away in communications tools. These terabytes of interaction data hold the key to understanding your customers’ true intent and sentiment.

“There are a lot of Customer conversations and moving parts not just through me but other departments as well.   Tons of Data that we look to  CompleteCSM to analyze and let us know next steps!

Erica Cotton

Regional Lead Customer Success, Reciprocity

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