Quickstart for Zoom in less than seven minutes

With 3 simple steps to success!



1) Go to Zoom Marketplace and sign in to install.  Click here to begin!



  1. You might need to send an email to your IT or Zoom administrator to request permission.   Do it now and also copy us at [email protected] and we can help!   
  2. Do you have Transcripts enabled in your Zoom?    Enable then in Step 4.


2) If you company is already a customer,  we’ll find you by email domain.       Enter a username and password, check the boxes and you’re all set.  

If your email domain matches an existing organization, and they allow self-service, your Organization will be filled in for you.  If you’re the first one, type in an organization name.     We recommend your email domain, for example “CompleteCSM.” 



3) Setup Zoom to record to cloud and also save transcripts.    Click here to login to zoom and do these now, just takes 2 minutes.    

Login to Zoom, click on Settings, then Recording tab at the top.       Toggle the Cloud Recording switch, and check the Audio Transcript box.



Success!  You’re conversations come in one by one.



You’ll get fantastic insights on your customers, or anyone that you chat with.    Connect your Enterprise data for even more.   Any questions, contact us at [email protected] or www.completecsm.ai